Peters Lab

From Ion Channels to Behavior at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The Peters Lab, in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, is interested in the neurobiology of nicotine dependence spanning from genes to behaviors. We are especially focused on how the function, regulation, and distribution of members of the ion channel superfamily of proteins are responsible for initiating nicotine seeking or avoidance behaviors, and the response of this superfamily to the presence of nicotine. We utilize a variety of chemigenetic techniques to probe the neurocircuitry physiology as it relates to nicotine behaviors, including in vitro electrophysiology and in vivo fiber photometry.

Our graduate researcher Gauri Kulkarni and Dr. Peters attended the 67th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting on February 18, 2023 in San Diego, California. Gauri presented a poster on her latest data, "Interacting effects of nicotine exposure and chaperone proteins on stoichiometry of the α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors."

We are pleased to announce Dr. Chris Peters' receipt of the Anatomy & Cell Biology Rising Star award on November 16, 2022. Nominees for this award are selected based on their strong potential to be future leaders in their chosen field. Congrats, Chris!

The ceremony can be viewed here.

Shout out to our undergraduate students Patricia Rivera and Aakash Singh on their successful capstone project posters for the Honors College Undergraduate Research Forum 2022! Well done!

Patricia Rivera

"Probing nicotine withdrawal circuitry in mice using chemigenetic studies"

Aakash Singh

"Effect of nicotine on cell activity in the medial habenula interpeduncular nucleus and development of nicotine withdrawal"